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Basic Construction — the KOREMA® U type

This is the most installed version of the fabric expansion joints (KOREMA® type A3 or AC3 as well as B3 or BC3). The name »flange-type« is used for expansion joints located between pipe or duct end flanges.

For existing plants, the flange design varies according to customers’ requirements or depending on the constructed steel design. For innovative designs KOREMA® will identify the suitable technical and economical solution.

Special design: supplied as »open« multilayer expansion joint. On-site service available exclusively from the KOREMA® service team.

Insulation is incorporated to protect the expansion joint against abrasion as well as for thermal insulation. The choice of insulating material, either mineral wool or ceramic felt, depends on the design temperature.

For operation at or below dew point, a vulcanized elastomeric layer is available.

Pre-assembled units, complete with liners and clamp bars, are available.

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